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Social Events Announced

Helena Felc
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By Helena Felc & Gregor Janžek

Saturday, 20. November
Get to know each other party
Location: Hotel Špik
Description: Amazing party. Drinking games. Getting to know people from all over the world.
Dress code: Wear a white T-shit if you are single or in an open relationship and wear a red T-shirt if you are in a relationship. We will have waterproof pens to write on T-shirts smart witty thoughts that will cross our minds while you will pass us (not expensive T-shirts).

Sunday, 21. November
Cultural exhibition party
Location: Hotel Špik
Description: Every country gets its own table to present itself, present their national food, drinks and other. A quiz may occur and you may win an award if you will know enough facts about Slovenia and the rest of the world (and debate gossip). Also a Tyrannosaurus Rex may (or may not be) present at said party. Prepare appropriately.
Dress code: Something typical for your country or be wrapped in your national flag.
Bring: something typical from your country preferably drinkable and eatable that makes you dizzy. Bring the booze you typically drink in your country.

Monday, 22. November
Salsa party
Location: Hotel Špik
Description: People from Venezuela will teach you how to dance salsa.
Dress code: Something to dance all night long in. Shoes are important.

Thursday, 23. November
Karaoke party
Location: Hotel Špik
Description: Drink, sing, drink some more and sing better. You know the drill.

Wednesday, 24. November
Stand up comedy night
Location: Hotel Špik
HEAVEN is where:
The police are British
The chefs Italian
The mechanics are German
The lovers are French
and it's all organised by the Swiss HELL is where:
The police are German
The chefs are British
The mechanics are French
The lovers are Swiss
and it's all organised by the Italians!!
If you think you can come up with better jokes, then impress us with your very own stand-up show. We have professional groupies who will follow the best comedians.
Awards will be given to those who will make us cry with laughter.

Tuesday, 25. November
Kitch party
Location: Hotel Špik
Description: Crazy music with crazy kitch clothing with a competition of who is the »kitchiest« of them all.
Dress code: If you are a guy – dress as gay or girlish as you think you can pull off. If a girl – dress as sexy or as manly as you can. You can put on as much or as few pieces of clothing you can handle, but make sure you go gaga.

Friday, 26. November
Site seeing Ljubljana
Location: Ljubljana city center
Description: Walk around Ljubljana and drinks.
Dress code: Naked Friday! And please shave your backs.

Saturday, 27. November
Announcement party
Location: Ljubljana city center
No description needed.

Sunday, 28. November
Traditional Skleleton party
Location: Skeleton bar, center of Ljubljana
Description: party with loads of amazing cocktails (two for the price of one). You can join the secrect 4 straws of the Apocalypse club.

A little bit inspired by Gossip Girl: IDAS will have its own gossip blog. All you need to do is write an email and the message and photos will be posted on the blog by its own. All details will be handed to you on the place of crime. We reserve the right to remove certain entries if deemed inappropriate.

See you soon,

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