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International Debate Academy Partners Hold Iraq Debate Academy

Faculty at Iraq Debate Academy: IDA faculty Jason Jarvis of Georgia State University, IDA alumna Megan Harlow, IDA founders Alfred Snider & Bojana Skrt, Matt Stannard of University of Wyoming, Jonathan Borock, NYC Debate Society

The two major partners of the International Debate Academy Slovenia [Za in Proti national debate program of Slovenia; World Debate Institute, University of Vermont] have combined to host a five day debate workshop and tournament in Duhok, Kurdistan Autonomous Region, Iraq.

The tournament was held at Duhok Unioversity and was attended by 88 students from seven universities from all parts of Iraq.

For complete coverage, see posts at the World Debate Institute blog at:

Day 1
Days 2 & 3
Days 4 & 5

Congratulations to all.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IDAS 2009 Tournament Results

The 7th International Debate Academy Slovenia was surely an international event.

Twenty-eight countries were represented: Singapore, Afghanistan, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Serbia, France, Croatia, Germany, Thailand, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Venezuela, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Scotland, Hong Kong, Moldova, Montenegro, England, Bolivia, Spain, Austria and Greece.

The event is sponsored by ZIP Slovenia and the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont.

For more information see:

120 people including 40 teams from 28 countries gathered for the tournament at the Faculty of Public Administration at the
University of Ljubljana. With fabulous hosting and hospitality skills Helena Felc made it all happen smoothly with the help of other dedicated volunteers.

In the finals the motion was, THBT armies should overthrow corrupt governments.
First: Jernej Jenko & Jernej Jenko (6-5 vote by panel)
Second: Sam Natale & Sarah Anders
Finalists: Tom Dionesotes & Alli Hamlin, Ana Stritih & Zan Zveplan

The full tab can be found at:

Top Speakers:

PositionNameTeamTotal pointsAverage

1Sarah AndersNatale Anders48180.16

1Sam NataleNatale Anders48180.16

3Tom DionesotesDionesotes Hamlin47178.50

4Paul GrossGross Loeb47078.33

4Alli HamlinDionesotes Hamlin47078.33

4Maja CimermanDobranic Cimerman47078.33

7Isaac LoebGross Loeb46978.16

8Manos ManopoulosVignjevic Manopoulos46878.00

9Filip DobranicDobranic Cimerman46577.50

10Milan VignevicVignjevic Manopoulos46477.33

The motions were:

This house would give foreign residents the right to vote in general elections (1)

THW allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. (2)

TTHW link executives' salaries to those of their employees. (3)

THBT journalists should not be compelled by law to reveal their sources. (4)

THBT rich countries should pay Brazil to re-forest. (5)

THBT hunger strikes are a legitimate form of protest in democracies. (6)

THBT patients cannot refuse life saving medical treatment. (S-F)

THBT armies should overthrow corrupt governments. (F)

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Instruction in Ormoz Ends, on to Ljubljana!

Ljubljana Castle as seen from University BuildingImage via Wikipedia

Wednesday and Thursday were the last two instruction days at the 7th International Debate Academy Slovenia being held in Ormoz, Slovenia. As the days passed the dedication of the students seemed to increase and the improvements in all of the debaters were obvious. The teachers and trainers began judging with faculty members to work on their judging skills for the tournament.

It was good to welcome TJ Semnemgern from Thailand to the faculty. He was chief adjudicator at the Asian BP Championships held in Thailand, and arrived in plenty of time to add his considerable skills to the instruction. It was sad that Rhydian Morgan was not able to attend as he had a family emergency. Everyone supported his choice and wishes he and his family the best. It became apparent that there are actually 27 countries here. Although with Rhydian not in attendance we lost Wales but gained Bolivia one one student finally announced their nationality.

The schedule continued with the same pattern. That seemed to work well because after a couple of days you never have to look, you just go to the same sort of event and the same room as the day before.

Practice debate motions for the last two days included:
  • THBT developing nations should nationalize their natural resources
  • THW eliminate the executive power to pardon
  • THW legalize the sale of human body parts
  • THW forbid all religious symbols in all public schools.

The lectures and exercises for the advanced group covered:
  • Principle and Philosophy, lecture by Stephen Boyle
  • Economics, lecture by Stephen Boyle substituting for Rhydian Morgan
The lectures and exercises for the intermediate and beginner groups covered:
Second Teams, lectures by Loke Wing Fatt and Jens Fischer
Points of Information, lectures by Alfred Snider and Chris Langone

The electives that were offered included:

On Wednesday night there was a faculty demonstration debate on the motion: This House would give the International Criminal Court its own police force. The teams were:
  • First Prop - Loke Wing Fatt & TJ Semnemgern
  • First Opp - Gavin Illsley & Stephen Boyle
  • Second Prop - Jens Fischer & Isa Loewe
  • Second Opp - Maja Nenadovic & Anne Valkering
A vote was taken by the students and teachers in the audience, and on a very tight count it was:
  • First - Second Prop
  • Second - Second Opp
  • Third - First Opp
  • Fourth - First Prop
  • A video of this debate and many other IDAS 09 events will be posted within a week.

    There was another WSDC schools round held in the evening with Romania vs. Slovenia. Romania was the winner again in another close debate.

    Wednesday night there was a party with comedy night, and four brave comics faced the crowd of debaters.

    Thursday night there was a chill-out party for the students and teachers, while all of the faculty members went to a local Inn and enjoyed home grown and produced foods, meats, wines and brandies. It was a truly jolly celebration of the end of the instructional program, and the Americans present said it was much better than "Thanksgiving."

    Friday morniong people slept in and came to a late breakfast. The bus arrived to take everyoine to Ljubljana for the tournament and the next phase of the extended event. It was farewell to Ormoz and especially to the lovely Hotel Ormoz, the finest two star hotel in the world, who had been such a wonderful host.

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    IDAS 09 Off to a Strong Start

    Over 80 debaters, teachers and trainers from 25 countries (Singapore, Afghanistan, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Serbia, France, Croatia, Germany, Thailand, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Venezuela, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Scotland, Hong Kong, Moldova, Montenegro, England, Wales and perhaps more) are having quite a time in Ormoz, Slovenia at the Seventh International Debate Academy Slovenia, a week long intensive training program that concludes with a tournament in Ljubljana.

    Each day has a lecture, that is followed by exercises for everyone, divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. Lectures for the advanced cover basic areas for debating, such as International Relations (Anne Valkering), Ecology (Alfred Snider), Economics (Rhydian Morgan), Law and Justice (Chris Langone) and Principle and Philosophy (Stephen Boyle). For intermediate and beginners, there is a more mundane sequence: public speaking, proposition strategy, opposition strategy, second team strategy and points of information.

    Each day there are a series of electives in the afternoon that students can choose from.
    • Style, Chris Langone
    • Note taking, Alfred Snider
    • Argument building, Gavin Illsley
    • 13 Minutes Prep, Loke Wing Fatt
    • Motion Analysis, Jens Fischer
    • Debating Secessionist Movements, Maja Nenadovic
    • Whip Speeches, Isa Loewe
    • Basic Reasoning, Chris Langone
    • How to NOT Get Last When you Don't Know Shit, Anne Valkering
    • 12 Ways to Refute an Argument, Jens Fischer

    • Making Your Arguments More Important, Alfred Snider
    • Persuasion Techniques, Chris Langone
    • Debating Humanitarian Intervention, Isa Loewe
    • Making GOOD Slippery Slope Arguments, Gavin Illsley
    • Fundraising, Anne Valkering
    • Rules of the WUDC Format, Loke Wing Fatt
    • Preparation for Tournaments, Bojana Skrt
    • Debating Turkey & the EU, Stephen Boyle
    • Better Team Work, Maja Nenadovic
    • Principles of International Law, Jens Fischer
    • Democratization, Maja Nenadovic
    • Debating Law, Chris Langone
    • Opposition One, Gavin Illsley
    • Policy, Value & Analysis Motions, Anne Valkering
    • Tabulating Competions & Using Tab Software, Jens Fischer
    • International Criminal Court, Isa Loewe
    • If English is NOT Your First Language, Bojana Skrt
    • Debating Ecology, Alfred Snider
    • Governments & Economics, Stephen Boyle

    There have been some teacher and trainer sessions:
    • Organizing a Debate Team, Bojana Skrt
    • Training and Coaching, Loke Wing Fatt & Bojana Skrt
    • Tournament Hosting and Organizing, Anne Valkering

    There have been two public debates:

    Student-Faculty Demonstration Debate, Saturday Night
    • Faculty: Loke Wing Fatt & Gavin Illsley, Isa Loewe & Anne Valkering
    • Students: Anna England Kerr & Crt Podlogar, Filip Dobranic & Maja Cimerman
    • Motion: This House supports mandatory vaccinations.
    • Critics: Jens Fischer & Chris Langone

    World Schools Demonstration Debate, Monday Night
    • Proposition: Slovenia National Team
    • Opposition: Romanian National Team
    • Motion: This House would deny the right to strike to workers in essential area.
    • Critic: Gavin Illsley

    Practice debate motions will move from easier to more difficult, prep time starts at 30 minutes and will be cut down to 15. Here are the motions for Sunday & Monday.
    • This House would not negotiate with pirates.
    • This House would not eat meat
    • This House would pay a wage to stay at home parents
    • Thisd House would legalize soft drugs.

    We have had two awesome parties that lasted late into the night and had music, dancing and much frivolity.
    • Sunday night - country exhibition
    • Monday night - kitsch party (strange clothing, cross-dressing, unusual make up)

    Our Faculty includes:
    • Stephen Boyle, Ireland, Irish Times Champion, twice breaking at WUDC, now University of Vermont
    • Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore, SAID, the debating monk
    • Jens Fischer, Germany, President European Debating Council
    • Gavin Illsley, Scotland, communication consultant
    • Chris Langone, USA, lawyer & Cornell University
    • Isa Loewe, Germany/France, European ESL Champion
    • Rhydian Morgan, Wales, Stylus Communications
    • Maja Nenadovic, Hungary, University of Amsterdam
    • Bojana Skrt, Slovenia, ZIP
    • Thepparith Senamngern, Thailand, WUDC Convener Bangkok 2008
    • Alfred Snider, USA, University of Vermont, World Debate Institute
    • Anne Valkering, Netherlands, WUDC ESL Champion 2008, Bonaparte University
    At the end of the week we will be moving to Ljubljana, where a dozen or so more teams will join us for a tournament at the Faculty of Public Administration.

    More news coming in a day or so.
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    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    IDAS/Futur Tournament Schedule Now Available

    The Faculty of Public Administration in the Be...Image via Wikipedia


    Ormož participants

    8.00 – 9.30 Breakfast

    Free morning

    1130 Bus to Ljubljana leaves

    1400 Check into Bežigrad high school dormitory – for Ormož and tournament only participants

    14.30 Tournament registration at the Faculty of Administration

    1530 Opening Assembly – IDAS/Futur Tournament

    1600 Round 1

    1800 Round 2

    2000 Dinner


    730-830 Breakfast

    900 Round 3

    1130 Round 4

    1330 Lunch

    1430 Round 5

    1630 Round 6

    1900 Dinner & Break announcement

    Break Party


    730-830 Breakfast

    900 Announcement of pairings and motion

    930 Semifinals

    1130 Final Round

    1300 Closing Ceremonies

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    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Stephen Boyle Added to Faculty

    With the 2009 International Debate Academy Slovenia looming in November, IDAS is proud to announce that Stephen Boyle has been added to the faculty.

    Stephen is now a coach at the University of Vermont, but he is far better known for his exploits as a debater for University College Dublin. There he was the Irish Times champion, he was twice in the elimination rounds at WUDC (reaching the quarterfinals), won Yale & Hart House, among other distinctions.

    Welcome Stephen!
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    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Trophies & Scholarship News

    Filip Dobranic is finishing up the trophies for the tournament. Pretty sharp. And he had to go all the may to Mallorca to get them!

    We hope you have heard about the scholarship fund donated by the Dallas law firm of Bickel & Brewer. Huge thanks to them for supporting debate!

    To apply go to and get the application form and the scholarship form and send them in.

    Deadline is October 15 2009.

    Interest seems very high in the program this year, so apply early, because when spaces at the lovely Hotel Ormoz are gone we will close registration.

    Friday, July 31, 2009

    IDAS 2009 Is Ready to Rock Your World



    21-29 NOVEMBER 2009
    Full program for students – instruction, IDAS/FUTUR 2009 tournament
    IDAS/FUTUR 2009 tournament for students – tournament in Ljubljana at the Faculty of Administration-University of Ljubljana.
    Full program for trainers, teachers, coaches, club leaders, judges at any level in any debate format.

    Arrive in Ormoz, Slovenia November 21 2009
    Instruction in Ormoz November 21-26 2009
    Transfer to Ljubljana morning 27 November 2009
    FUTUR tournament in Ljubljana afternoon 27-29 November 2009


    Organized by:
    ZIP – Za in proti (ZIP), Pro et Contra, Institute for the Culture of Dialogue, Slovenia
    WDI – World Debate Institute, University of Vermont
    Debate Club, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana

    Scholarship Fund established by
    Download Application Form HERE

    FACULTY -- more to come!

    • Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore: Well known Asian debate trainer, WUDC breaking judge, honorary professorship North-Eastern University China, SAID Singapore, 5th IDAS.
    • Jens Fischer, Germany: Berlin Debating Union, Chief Adjudicator at Europeans, 5th IDAS.
    • Leela Koenig, Netherlands: Cork Worlds 2009 Best ESL speaker, Top ESL Speaker at Euros 2007 and 2008, DCA Newcastle Euros 2009, CA of Amsterdam, Euros 2010 bid, lecturer at The Hague University, philosophy student at Leiden University. 1st IDAS.
    • Chris Langone, USA: Cornell University. 2nd IDAS.
    • Isabelle Loewe, Germany: Winner EUDC (ESL), ESL-Semifinalist Worlds 2007, DCA Tallinn EUDC 2008; CA/DCA of several tournaments, among them, Prague, Tilbury IV, Yeditepe Open, Jacobs Open; Winner and finalist of several tournaments in Europe; Officer for International Law and Human Rights Education
    • Branka Marusic, Croatia: Former President Europeans Council, IDAS Finalist, 3rd IDAS.
    • Rhydian Morgan, UK: Chief Adjudicator and Finals judge at numerous tournaments, Welsh Debating Federation, World Debate Institute faculty 2008-09, 3rd IDAS.
    • Maja Nenadovic, Croatia: Founder of several debating societies across Europe, currently busy with introducing debate to countries in the Western Balkans region, and with finishing her PhD in political science at the University of Amsterdam. 2nd IDAS.
    • Debbie Newman, UK: President of Cambridge Union, England and Wales National Champion, WSDC 2008 World Champion coach for England. 2nd IDAS.
    • Alfred Snider, USA: Professor at University of Vermont, Director World Debate Institute, USA Coach of the Year, six recent debate textbooks, Convener 2009 US Universities Nationals, 7th IDAS.
    • Bojana Skrt, Slovenia: Director ZIP, three times WSDC EFL World Champion coach, 7th IDAS.
    • Anne Valkering, Netherlands: Oxford ESL semi-finalist 2006, finalist 2007, winner ESL final Manchester IV 2007; EUDC ESL finalist 2006, semi-finalist 2007, quarterfinalist 2008, ESL second speaker 2008, fifth speaker 2006; WUDC ESL champion 2008; DCA Dutch Nationals 2009, CA Bonaparte Debate Tournament 2007, DCA Amsterdam Open 2008 and 2009, CA Sciences Po IV 2009.


    • STUDENT TRAINING : Each Instruction day features a main lecture, exercise and drill sessions, and two complete critiqued practice debates. Many elective classes offered. Many training preparation sessions offered. Judge evaluation and training offered. Advanced, basic and beginner tracks available. The best way to get ready forn WUDC in Turkey.
      The International Debate Academy Slovenia will be offering a special track for trainers, coaches and those interested in learning about how to train debaters and create debate organizations such as clubs, academic programs and leagues. The program will call upon the extensive experience of the faculty to provide specialized training, including: Basic debate training steps: observation, advice from experienced trainers and curriculum guides Judging: instruction, shadow judging, real judging experience Tournaments: hosting, administering, including tabulation software. Advanced debate training: observation, advice from experienced trainers, curriculum guides. Organizing: recruiting debaters, implementing training, scheduling meetings, publicity. Attendees will have a sample judging session every morning as well as a special training session in the afternoon. All events at the program will also be open to attendees. Special needs and requests specific to individuals can be met if given advance notice.
    • TOURNAMENT: Sponsored by IDAS, ZIP and hosted by Faculty of Administration University of Ljubljana. Six preliminary rounds and semifinals in the WUDC format. No team caps as of now. Faculty will serve as adjudication core and administration for the tournament.


      250 Euros for full program, 60 Euros for tournament.
      Fees: Includes all meals, double rooms, instructional materials, transportation from Ormoz to Ljubljana, and social activities. Accommodations: Rooms and full meals provided in Ormoz and Ljubljana. Social activities each evening. Limited crash available for tournament.

      Scholarships: We hope to offer substantial scholarships to needy applicants. Scholarship forms available soon.

    Financial Disclosure: IDAS is a non-profit program, trainers are not paid, trainer travel is not reimbursed, participation fees pay for attendee expenses of rooms and food only, trainer accommodations and food and other costs are covered by ZIP.

    Social Events: We will have frequent social events. We will not distribute free alcohol to 18+ attendees out of the workshop fees. We will seek soft drinks-beer-wine sponsors. We prioritize scholarships for attendees over free alcohol. We want as many people as possible to join the program.


    Organizing Committee:
    Director of the Academy: Bojana Skrt, ZIP,
    Head of Training: Alfred C. Snider, World Debate Institute, University of Vermont,
    Tournament Host: Helena Felc

    IDAS Wins $5000 Scholarship Fund from Dallas Law Firm

    The Dallas-based law firm of Bickel and Brewer announced today a $5000 grant to the International Debate Academy Slovenia, sponsored by ZIP Slovenia and the World Debate Institute USA, for scholarship funds to bring the best and neediest of students to the 2009 program, a week-long intensive debate training program that will take place in November.

    Sarah Marshala, director of the Bickel and Brewer Foundation, called in this message to Bojana Skrt, IDAS director. "I am happy and very grateful for this award, and I am excited about now offering more scholarships than ever. I hope that the example set by this visionary law firm is something that lawyers in Europe will learn from," said Skrt.

    Bickel & Brewer is one of the most aggressive, creative and successful litigation firms in the United States. The firm's concentration in complex litigation and dispute resolution is not confined to particular substantive areas of the law, but to the litigation practice itself. As such, many of the firm's attorneys have gained national recognition by handling cutting-edge cases in a wide variety of substantive legal fields. Bickel & Brewer has proven time and again that the well-honed skills of its litigators may be universally applied to forge profitable resolutions of disputes in any area of law or any area of commercial enterprise. Although the trial and forensic abilities of Bickel & Brewer litigators are unparalleled, these tools are often used as strategic deterrents rather than as implements of first resort. Thus, a substantial portion of the firm's practice is preventative counseling and problem solving. The firm recognizes that in many instances its clients' objectives are best served by successfully avoiding litigation and that success is measured by the advice and counsel provided to achieve this end. However, if full-scale litigation is in the client's best interest, no law firm in the country understands and successfully galvanizes the process as well as Bickel & Brewer.

    The International Debate Academy Slovenia is now in its seventh year and has become one of the world's premier debate training programs, focusing on training in the WUDC format. Students from over twenty countries have attended the program, and faculty members come from the top ranks of debate trainers from around the world.

    The dates for 2009 are 21-29 November 2009.

    One of the other events Bickel and Brewer supports is the International Public Policy Forum that it operates in partnership with New York University. It is a debate contest that allows high school students from all over the world to compete against each other to earn an all-expense paid trip to New York City for the top eight teams and a chance to win $10,000. Formerly known as the Bickel & Brewer/ NYU National Public Policy Forum, the IPPF is a unique debate competition involving public and private schools from across the globe. Visit for more information! See their Facebook page at .
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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Debate Academy for Schools Students About to Begin


    Zreče, Slovenia, 5th – 12th July 2009

    Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga Slovenia, and World Debate Institute, USA, kindly invite you to participate at the International Worlds Schools Debate Academy and Tournament Zreče Open, 5th – 12th July 2009.

    The Academy is divided in two parts. The training part starts on Sunday evening, and finishes on Friday lunch time. The tournament starts on Friday early afternoon, finishes on Sunday evening. The participants can apply for the whole event or for the tournament only.

    High school students, teachers, coaches and trainers are invited. At the training part the participants will be divided into three different groups based on their experience and expertise - beginners, intermediate and advanced. There will be a special group for trainers and coaches. There will be small groups with a 1 to 6 student trainer ratio, meaning lots of individual attention.

    Participants will be staying in Hotel Smogac in the center of Zreče. You can check about the hotel at

    Prepared motions for this year:

    This house has no confidence in capitalism.
    This house would focus more on adapting to climate change than preventing it.
    This house believes that religious belief is the most important barrier for multiculturalism.
    This house would forcefeed anorexics.

    Quarterfinals: This house would make only organ donors eligible for organ transplant.
    Finals: This house believes trade unions should be mandatory.


    Maja Cimerman, member of the Team Slovenia at Worlds Schools Debate Championship 2006, 2007 (EFL World Champion WSDC Korea)

    Filip Dobranic, member of the Team Slovenia at Worlds Schools Debate Championship in 2006, 2007, 2008 (Top EFL speaker at WSDC 2007 Korea and 2008 USA, EFL World Champion WSDC 2007 Korea and 2008 Washington).

    Anna Mojca England Kerr, member of the Team Slovenia at Worlds Schools Debate Championship 2006, 2007 (EFL World Champion WSDC Korea).

    Rhydian Morgan, Great Britain, Chief Adjudictor at numerous tournaments and trainer.

    David Register, University of Vermont. USA, award-winning coach.

    Bojana Skrt, Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga, Slovenia (EFL Worlds Champion Coach WSDC Canada, Korea, USA).

    Alfred C. Snider, University of Vermont, USA, award-winning coach.

    Anja Šerc, Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga, Slovenia

    Ruth Zisman, Doctoral Fellow at New York University, USA, award-winning coach.

    Organising committee:
    Miha Andric
    Bojana Skrt

    Attend the entire event:
    Arrival on Sunday late afternoon, July 5th
    Departure on Monday morning, July 12th
    Participation fee: 250 EUR covers all instruction, accomodation and food for 8 nights, trainers, materials and tournament.
    Application form for entire event

    The participants should apply individually.

    Attend the tournament only:
    Arrival: Friday, the 10th, morning
    Departure: Monday, the 12th, morning
    Participation fee: 100 EUR covers accomodation and food for 3 nights and tournament expences.
    The cost for an additional night (coming on Thursday) is 30 EUR.
    Application form for tournament only

    The participants should apply as 3 members teams. Each team should be accompanied by a judge.

    Participation fees should be paid in cash upon arrival or via bank tranfer prior to the event. The ones who would like to pay via bank tranfer, please, contact for additional information.

    Application forms in the attachments. Please, send the application forms to as soon as possible but not later than June 25th.

    You can check the news and updates at


    Sunday, 5th of July 2009
    16.00 – 19.00 Registration
    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
    20.00 – 22.00 Opening, participants test, demo debate and introduction to the format.

    Monday, 6th of July 2009
    7:30 -- 8:30 Breakfast
    8:45 Morning announcements
    9.00 – 10.00 Lecture: Public speaking
    10.00 – 12.00 Exercises
    12.00 – 13.00 Lecture: Points of information
    13.00 – 14.30 Lunch
    14.30 – 19.00 Debates (preparation for debates, debates, feedback)
    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner

    Tuesday, 7th of July 2009
    7:30 -- 8:30 Breakfast
    8:45 Morning announcements
    9.00 – 10.00 Lecture: Argumentation
    10.00 – 12.00 Exercises
    12.00 – 13.00 Lecture: Argumentation
    13.00 – 14.30 Lunch
    14.30 – 19.00 Debates (preparation for debates, debates, feedback)
    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
    20.00 – 21.00 Electives

    Wednesday, 8th of July 2009
    7:30 -- 8:30 Breakfast
    8:45 Morning announcements
    9.00 – 10.00 Lecture: Building proposition case.
    10.00 – 12.00 Exercises
    12.00 – 13.00 Lecture: Motions analyses
    13.00 – 14.30 Lunch
    14.30 – 19.00 Debates (preparation for debates, debates, feedback)
    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
    20.00 – 21.00 Electives

    Thursday, 9th of July 2009
    7:30 -- 8:30 Breakfast
    8:45 Morning announcements
    9.00 – 10.00 Lecture: Building opposition case.
    10.00 – 12.00 Exercises
    12.00 – 13.00 Lecture: Refutation.
    13.00 – 14.30 Lunch
    14.30 – 19.00 Debates (preparation for debates, debates, feedback)
    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
    20.00 – 21.00 Open Forum

    Friday, 10th of July 2009
    7:30 -- 8:30 Breakfast
    8:45 Morning announcements
    9.00 – 10.00 Lecture: Third speeches
    10.00 – 12.00 Exercises
    12.00 – 13.00 Lecture: Reply speeches


    Prepared motions will be announced during first weekend in May.

    Friday, 10th of July 2009
    13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
    14.30 Openning of the tournament

    15.00 – 17.00
    Debater briefing
    Adjudication briefing and judges test

    17.00 Round 1 prepared

    19.00 – 20.00 Dinner

    Saturday, 10th of July
    9.00 Round 2 – prepared

    11.00 Impromptu motion announced
    12.00 Round 3 – impromptu

    13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

    14.00 Impromptu motion announcement
    15.00 Round 4 – impromptu
    17.00 Round 5 – prepared
    19.00 – Dinner and socials

    Sunday, 11th of July
    9.00 Round 6 – prepared

    11.00 Impromptu motion announcement
    12.00 Round 7 – impromptu

    13.30 – 14.30 Lunch

    14.30 Quarterfinalists announcement
    15.00 Quarterfinal – prepared

    16.30 Semi – finalists announcement, impromptu motion announcement
    18.00 Semi – finale
    19.30 Dinner

    21.00 Finale – prepared
    Closing ceremony

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    What is the International Debate Academy?

    2008 faculty celebrate another successful program

    The International Debate Academy is a training program for college and university students who are interested in the arts and skills of debating. It takes place in Slovenia each November and has been held for six consecutive years. This November it will hold its seventh session.

    The program is sponsored by Za in Proti, the national debate program of Slovenia directed by Bojana Skrt, and the World Debate Institute of the University of Vermont in the USA directed by Alfred Snider. Skrt directs the program and Snider is the director of training.

    The program was originated because there was a high level of interest in debating in Europe, especially in the former communist nations, but very little expertise for training. There were no university faculty members who specialized in speech communication, argumentation and debate, and so students were basically on their own in terms of training. The idea was to create a low-cost one-week program for these students and to try and attract the best possible trainers from other countries, especially those with a more established debate tradition.

    All except for two years the program has been held in Ormoz, a small town in eastern Slovenia. It has a good rail connection and the Hotel Ormoz (two star) has been willing to rent out its entire space for the dormitories, classrooms and practice space required. Hotel Ormoz now as additional housing nearby. Hotel Ormoz serves three adequate meals a day to all attendees.

    The program has attracted some of the finest trainers from around the world, from places like the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany and many other nations. The presidents of the World Debate Council and the European Debate Council have been faculty. Former British and American champions have trained here. The program has also been used to prepare a new generation of trainers from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Former students, who have become European champions, have returned to serve as trainers. Trainers have included professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and public officials.

    It is important to remember that IDAS trainers are never paid, their travel expenses are never covered and all they receive is room and board while at the academy. They do it because they love the program and they are dedicated to debating.

    The program consists of five full days of training followed by a three-day tournament. Training lasts from breakfast until after a late dinner, and involves lectures, drills, exercises, elective courses and two full practice debates each day. After these training days the entire contingent boards buses and heads to a university campus or a full tournament of three days, with housing in high school dormitories.

    During its history IDAS has had attendees from many nations, including:

    Czech Republic
    United Kingdom

    The evaluations of the program have been universally positive. Students have treasured the opportunity to work with so many notable international debate experts. They have gone on to achieve remarkable competitive success in heir own countries and internationally. More importantly, many of them have returned to their homes to become important, dynamic and successful leaders in creating larger and more diverse debate communities of their own. Ultimately, the goal of the academy is to bring debate and its inherent civic engagement potentials to broader populations. Whether on looks at this standard or the standard of competitive success, the academy has been a success. As the years go by even more and more will be seen from the academy graduates. The best from them still lies in the future.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    2009 Faculty Announced


    Bojana Skrt, Slovenia
    Three times orld cham[pion EFL coach, World Schools Debating Championship.

    Alfred Snider, USA
    Twice winning coach, Northeast USA Universities Debating Sweepstakes Champion, six debate textbooks, USA Coach of the Year.


    Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore
    WUDC breaking judge, honorary doctorate, legendary debate trainer.

    Jens Fischer, Germany
    Berlin Debating Union, Euros Chief Adjudicator

    Sam Greenland, Australia
    Semifinals WUDC Vancouver

    Leela Koenig, Netherlands
    Cork Worlds 2009 Best ESL speaker, Top ESL Speaker at Euros 2007 and 2008, DCA Newcastle Euros 2009, CA of Amsterdam Euros 2010 bid

    Christopher Langone, USA
    Veteran lawyer, Cornell University coach

    Branca Marusic, Croatia
    Former EUDC President, IDAS Finalist

    Rhydian Morgan, UK
    CA of numerous tournaments around Europe

    Maja Nenadovic, Croatia
    Founder of several debating societies across Europe, currently busy with introducing debate to countries in the Western Balkans region, and with finishing her PhD in political science at the University of Amsterdam

    Debbie Newman, UK
    President of Cambridge Union, England and Wales National Champion, WSDC 2008 World Champion coach for England

    Anne Valkering, Netherlands
    ESL World Champion, Bangkok Worlds


    Maja Cimerman, Slovenia
    IDAS finalist, WSDC EFL champion

    Filip Dobranic, Slovenia
    IDAS finalist, WSDC EFL Champion, twice EFL top speaker, WSDC

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Dates Set for Academy 2009

    Sat 21 November 2009 arrival, finish on 29 November 2009 at tournament.
    Once again it will be in Ormoz, tournament will be in Ljubljana.

    More news coming.