Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IDAS 2009 Tournament Results

The 7th International Debate Academy Slovenia was surely an international event.

Twenty-eight countries were represented: Singapore, Afghanistan, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Serbia, France, Croatia, Germany, Thailand, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Venezuela, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Scotland, Hong Kong, Moldova, Montenegro, England, Bolivia, Spain, Austria and Greece.

The event is sponsored by ZIP Slovenia and the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont.

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120 people including 40 teams from 28 countries gathered for the tournament at the Faculty of Public Administration at the
University of Ljubljana. With fabulous hosting and hospitality skills Helena Felc made it all happen smoothly with the help of other dedicated volunteers.

In the finals the motion was, THBT armies should overthrow corrupt governments.
First: Jernej Jenko & Jernej Jenko (6-5 vote by panel)
Second: Sam Natale & Sarah Anders
Finalists: Tom Dionesotes & Alli Hamlin, Ana Stritih & Zan Zveplan

The full tab can be found at:

Top Speakers:

PositionNameTeamTotal pointsAverage

1Sarah AndersNatale Anders48180.16

1Sam NataleNatale Anders48180.16

3Tom DionesotesDionesotes Hamlin47178.50

4Paul GrossGross Loeb47078.33

4Alli HamlinDionesotes Hamlin47078.33

4Maja CimermanDobranic Cimerman47078.33

7Isaac LoebGross Loeb46978.16

8Manos ManopoulosVignjevic Manopoulos46878.00

9Filip DobranicDobranic Cimerman46577.50

10Milan VignevicVignjevic Manopoulos46477.33

The motions were:

This house would give foreign residents the right to vote in general elections (1)

THW allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. (2)

TTHW link executives' salaries to those of their employees. (3)

THBT journalists should not be compelled by law to reveal their sources. (4)

THBT rich countries should pay Brazil to re-forest. (5)

THBT hunger strikes are a legitimate form of protest in democracies. (6)

THBT patients cannot refuse life saving medical treatment. (S-F)

THBT armies should overthrow corrupt governments. (F)

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