Sunday, November 30, 2008

Full Tab for 2008 Tournament

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Elim results

2008 Academy Results








THBT the United Nations should send a multinational peacekeeping force to Sri Lanka.





THBT violent action to protect the environment is justified.


Position Name Team Total points Average Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
1 Natale Caress-Natale 482 80.33 85 77 83 78 83 76
2 Hildebrandt Hildebrandt-Asyamova 476 79.33 82 82 74 77 83 78
2 (3) Plostajner Jakovac-Plostajner 476 79.33 75 79 81 79 78 84
4 (5) Asaymova Hildebrandt-Asyamova 472 78.66 81 80 76 74 84 77
4 Podlogar Podlogar-Janzek 472 78.66 80 81 79 73 80 79
6 Dobranic Cimerman-Dobranic 470 78.33 78 78 80 82 77 75
6 (7) Caress Caress-Natale 470 78.33 82 76 79 75 82 76
8 (9) Cimerman Cimerman-Dobranic 468 78.00 76 79 78 81 78 76
8 Jakovac Jakovac-Plostajner 468 78.00 65 82 82 78 77 84
8 (10) Zveplan Zveplan-Cvikl 468 78.00 75 76 78 84 78 77


THW make voting compulsory.

THW not negotiate with the leaders of Iran.

This house would not prosecute battered wives for killing their husbands.

TH would allow the advertising of prescription drugs.

THBT governments should not bailout failing corporations.

This House would ban international adoption.

THBT the United Nations should send a multinational peacekeeping force to Sri Lanka.

THBT violent action to protect the environment is justified.

Full results at bottom of USA WUDC results page:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 International Debate Academy Begins

Sam Greenland speaks in the demo debate

Arrivals can be difficult and this one was no exception. All are now here and safe. Now we are about 80 people from 15 countries here for a week before we move to Maribor for the tournament.

Sunday night most people had arrived and a demo debate was featured. The motion was “This house would punish parents for the crimes of their minor children." It was an all-star cast, with Debbie Newman (world champion WSDC coach for England, England-Wales debate champion, former president of Cambridge Union) debating with Sam Greenland (Sydney WUDC semifinalist in 2007, former Hong Kong WSDC coach) were opening proposition, Sam Natale (top speaker, Northeast Universities 2008, University of Vermont) and Lucas Caress (top speaker, Global Youth Debate Conclave, Bangalore 2008, University of Vermont) were closing proposition; Filip Dobranic (twice top EFL speaker at WSDC, University of Ljubljana) and Maja Cimerman (EFL world WSDC champion, University of Ljubljana) were opening opposition, and last but not least Steve Llano (former national champion coach in USA, St. John's University) and Loke Wing Fatt (Singapore, WUDC breaking judge, father of debate in China) as closing opposition. It was a very spirited debate, chaired by Berlin Debating Union's Jens Fischer, and caused a great deal of discussion among he students. The video is coming soon.

Each day has the same schedule. There is an 8:45 AM organizational meeting at breakfast, followed by a series of lectures divided by experience level. After one hour there is a brief break before we meet again for an hour of drills on the subject of the lectures to help turn theoretical materials into behavior and habit. Then a motion is given and everyone has a debate with a long critique. There is a lunch break followed by a digestion break before the afternoon's activities take place. There are two one-hour period for elective classes. During each of these periods between five and seven different topics are offered, and students can choose which they would like to go to. I will send along a list of enacted electives later. After the second elective of the afternoon another motion is announced and with another debate and a long critique before dinner.

The first practice debate motions were:
1-THW pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
2-TH would create separate units for gays in the military.
3-THBT supporting Georgia's NATO bid is more important than maintaining good relations with Russia.
4-THBT the capitalist experiment has failed.
5-THW criminalize Holocaust denial.

Evenings have had a considerable social component. On Monday night the Country Exhibition took place where students brought items, foods, beverages and other things from their country on display and shared them with everyone. This was a robust affair of international fraternity and lasted well into the night. On Tuesday evening the traditional Slovenian "Kitsch Party" took place. Students swapped clothing and dressed outrageously for the party. It raged for quite a while before the judging took place. Sam(antha) Ricker of the University of Vermont was the winner, looking quite good in ponytails and wearing Helena Felc's pajamas. Second place was Don(na) Bracciodieta of St. John's, who had nice cleavage. Pictures will be coming along soon.

Having been at all six International Debate Academy sessions, I would say that the experience level and excellence of the teams is growing immensely here and all over Europe and the world.

Stay tuned for more from Ormoz.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arrival & Tournament Schedule


1900 Dinner at Hotel Ormoz
20.00 Opening Session
Brief introduction to the format-Newman
Exhibition debate
Discussion of exhibition debate
Students take assessment test for group assignments
Students vote for elective choices
Socialize and find a debate partner


1600 Check into Maribor dorms, Registration opens
1630 Leave dorm, walk as a group to the tournament – Faculty of law
1700 Opening Assembly
1800 Round 1
Dinner at the tournament venue
2000 Round 2

730-830 Breakfast
900 Round 3
1130 Round 4
1300 Lunch
1430 Round 5
1630 Round 6
1900 Dinner & Break announcement
Break Party

730-830 Breakfast
900 Announcement of pairings and motion
930 Semifinals
1130 Final Round
1230 Closing Ceremonies
1300 Departure

Arrival Information - IMPORTANT

From Bojana Skrt:

We will see in a week and I am resending you my email with the information about traveling to Ormož and extra nights accomodations and other things. Here is my mobile phone number in case you need some emergency assistance: + 386 41 423377. Please, in case you are not coming, let me know as soon as possible.

Have in mind that all the extra nights prior to 23rd November should be paid to the Hotel Ormož and that in case you need an extra night in Maribor, you can not stay in the Dijaški dom Drava, where we are staying during the tournament, but you need to find some other accomodation.

Please, check IDAS web page and blog for the programme and all updates:

Here are a few bits of information I would like to share with you.

1. In case you can not come, please, inform me immediatly – we do have a waiting list of debaters who want to come and we can not accept them because of lack of the space, this is true for the whole Academy and tournament only.

2. Venues

In Ormož we are staying in Hotel Ormož, It is a modest hotel, but comfortable hotel, nothing fancy, there are mainly two bed rooms with your own bathrooms and TV. There is no wireless internet, you can check your emails in Ormož youth center or the public library. The adress is Vrazova ulica 5 – it is located in the very center of Ormož near main bus station, 8 minutes from the train station.

In Maribor we will be staying in highschool dormitory Dijaški dom Drava,, adress is Smetanova 67. It is located in the center of Maribor. There are two or three bed rooms, a few rooms are sharing the bathrooms.

The tournament will be held at Faculty of law, University of Maribor,, adress: Mladinska ulica 9, Maribor

3. Extra nights
The registration fee 200 EUR covers the whole Academy - from dinner on the 23rd November to breakfast on the 30th.

Tournament only
The registration fee for the ones who are coming only for the tournament is 50 EUR, it covers the accomodation and food from dinner on the 28th till breakfast on the 30th. You should plan your departure from Maribor in early afternoon.

All the extra nights should be paid by you directly to the hotel. If you need an extra night in Hotel Ormož, please, inform me about it and I will make the reservation.

If you need an extra night in Maribor, you need to make your own reservation.
VERY IMPORTANT – YOU CAN NOT BE IN DIJAŠKI DOM DRAVA FOR EXTRA NIGHTS. You need to make reservations in some other hotels - at the end of this email I am sending you the low costs options in Maribor – you can book them via Internet.

4. Registration
The Ormož registration starts on Sunday, the 23rd at 16.00. Please, do not forget the first session starts at 20.00 on the 23rd, so plan your trip accordingly.

The check in in Dijaški dom Drava starts at 14.00. The registration for the tournament starts at Faculty of law at 16.00. The tournament starts at 17.00.

Everybody from Ormož will leave together by bus from Ormož to Maribor, no extra fee for this travel.

4. Travelling to Ormož
Ormož is well connected by train.

Coming from Vienna or Graz – you should take the train to Maribor - Pragersko -Ormož. Sometimes you need to change the train in Pragersko.

Coming from Ljubljana - sometimes you need to change in Pragersko – Ormož

Coming from Budapest – the train stops in Ormož.

In case you are coming as a group it might be more convinient and not so much more expencive than train we send you a van to pick you at the airport and bring you to Ormož. In case you are flying in really late, this would be the only option – so if this is the case, let me know, so I can arrange a pick up for you.

In case you are coming in Ljubljana before 23rd, there are some limited crashes available with Slovenian university students – let me know if you need them.

Here is the train schedule

>From Ljubljana to Ormož, the price is around 10 EUR one way

Ljubljana Departure 05:45 Pragersko Arrival 07:21 Pragersko Departure 07:31 Ormož Arrival 08:18

Ljubljana Departure 07:40 Ormož Arrival 10:25

Ljubljana Departure 10:18 - Pragersko Arrival 12:17 Pragersko Departure 12:57 Ormož Arrival 13:43

Ljubljana Departure 12:45 Pragersko Arrival 14:49 Pragersko Departure 15:10 Ormož Arrival 15:41

Ljubljana Departure 17:25 Pragersko Arrival 19:29 Pragersko Departure 19:44 Ormož Arrival 20:15
>From Maribor to Ormož, costs around 3 EUR one way
Maribor Departure 07:00 Ormož Arrival 08:18

Maribor Departure 12:25 Ormož Arrival 13:43

Maribor Departure 14:15 Pragersko Arrival 14:34 Pragersko Departure 15:10
Ormož Arrival 15:41

Maribor Departure 15:25 Ormož Arrival 16:35

>From Maribor to Ljubljana, costs around 6 EUR one way
Sometimes a change of trains is needed in Zidani most.

Maribor 14:15 Ljubljana 17:03

Maribor 15:14 Ljubljana 17:32

Maribor 15:20 Ljubljana 18:03

Maribor 16:20 Ljubljana 18:45

Maribor 17:15 Ljubljana 19:58

Maribor 18:00 Ljubljana 20:25

Maribor 19:45 Ljubljana 21:38

Maribor 21:00 Ljubljana 23:28

>From Graz to Maribor, 13 EUR one way
Graz 8.36 Maribor 9.38
Graz 10.36 Maribor 11.39
Graz 14.02 Maribor 15.04
Graz 15.40 Maribor 16.50
Graz 18.37 Maribor 19.39

Maribor 12. 42 Graz 14.47
Maribor 14.14 Graz 15.17
Maribor 16.21 Graz 17.24
Maribor 18.19 Graz 19.22


Hotel Piramida ****

Position: city centre
Bus stop distance < class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="">

Hotel Orel ***

Position: city centre
Railway station < class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="">

Hotel Bellevue ****

Position: near Maribor

Hotel Belllevue in Pohorje near Maribor is a pleasant hotel attracting guests throughout the year with its interesting a creative offer.

The wonderful atmosphere of the Bellevue wellness center will provide a relaxing experience for hotel guests as well as outside visitors; the center also features a wide offer of saunas:

- Aroma steam baths - Turkish baths;
- Extreme Finnish sauna;
- Chromotherapeutic sauna;
- Laconium - mild sauna;
- Showers of surprise.

Care and relaxation are also provided in Ciproš, in the form of massages and pampering for two.


Garni hotel Tabor ***

Position: near city centre

This carefully maintained family hotel is located not far from the centre of Maribor, and is in the vicinity of the multi-purpose event centre Dvorana Tabor and a tennis centre. We offer contemporarily furnished rooms, a restaurant, two clubrooms, three meeting rooms and storage for skies and bicycles. We bring pleasure to groups, sportsmen and women and permanent guests with special offers.

Parking, storing of bicycles and skies, e-mail and connection to Internet are all free of charge. Free use of meeting rooms for groups with board and lodgings in the hotel. For private vehicles and buses there is an enclosed car park, which is free of charge. For a supplement we organise excursions and sightseeing trips.

Double room standard – separated beds – 31€ person per night


Hotel UNI ~ Youth hostel **

Position: in city centre

The Youth Hostel Hotel Uni is a member of the youth hostel network in Slovenia within the scope of IYHF (INTERNATIONAL YOUTH HOSTEL FEDERATION).
The Youth Hostel Hotel Uni is suitable for the traveelers who plan to stay in Maribor only a few days (daily rental). The holders of the International Student Identity Card (Hostelling International) and members of the Traveller`s Association of Slovenia have special benefits.

Youh Hostel UNI has been awarded 5 triangles, the highest award in the Slovenian youth hostel categorization.

Youth Hostel UNI offers:
accomodation in city centre (historical and culture sights), single, double and tripple rooms with private bath with towels and hotel cosmetics,
single, double and tripple rooms with linen, mini fridge, telephone and internet acces
use of the mini kitchen,
use of the computer room with internet access,
free rent-a bike,
open 24-hours and all year long.
Supplement for selfservice breakfast.

Extremely important is also the location of the hostel. Namely, the hostel is situated in the centre of Maribor in the approximate vicinity of the Rectorate of the University of Maribor, the Faculty of Economics and Business, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Law and also the University Library.

Single room – 25€ person/night
Double room – 25€ person/night
Tripple room – 25€ person/night


Lollipop hostel

Position: city centre

A newly opened and as yet small, but friendly, true travellers/backpackers hostel in the centre of Maribor. Minutes from the main bus and rail stations and yet in the heart of the city.

Two blocks awy from the City Park.

Full use of kitchen any time of the day. Full use of chill out room with Cable TV, DVD with free films to view, Hi Fi, Games Console with hundreds of games to play. Free Internet. Bed Linen and Towels Included. Constant Hot Water.

Escort around town to show you the best of Maribor, including the beautiful River Drava, Shops, Museums, Theatres, Restaurants, Clubs and the best Kebab shop and pizza bar, not to mention a tour of local bars to share a beer or two.

Bed in 4-bedroom – 20€ person/night
Bed in 6-bedroom – 20€ person/night

More accommodation possibilities:

Jens Fischer on International Debate Academy

Jens judges a debate at IDAS

Why is IDAS a good thing to attend?

Having coached young debaters at the past two International Debate Acadamies in Slovenia, I feel that this academy provides a unique learning environment. With international coaches from different continents, and different debating systems, students are able to compare different views and choose from a wide variety of interesting subjects. The unique framework provides ample opportunity to actually discuss problems in some depth, as opposed to just repeating ready-made answers. During the IDAS week, all student will be able to intensively practice their skills, so that real progress can be made.

IDAS is a lot of fun. The days are filled with hard work, but also with hugely entertaining activities. The fact that IDAS is held in Ormoz contributes immensely to establishing an atmosphere of severe working and severe partying.

I have never been to a more international academy, with students from dozens of countries. In Europe, there is no academy like this, and probably this is a unique institution worldwide. The competition at the end of the academy has proved to be a great way of putting all the things you have learned into action, facing competent judges and receiving helpful feedback.
I could not think of any other place if you really want to get into international debating and to meet people from different continents and all sorts of backgrounds. In my opinion, there is no way you could not benefit from attending IDAS 2008.