Sunday, November 21, 2010

8th IDAS Begins!

Debate - WUDC - Guaranteed Income - IDAS 2010 Exhibition from Alfred Snider on Vimeo.

With a total of 140 hearty souls on hand, the 8th International Debate Academy Slovenia has begun in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. The program is sponsored by Za in Proti Slovenia, the World Debate Institute at the University of Vermont, the law firm of Bickell and Brewer, and the EU Europe for Citizens Program.

The event will feature ten practice debates, fifteen lectures, fifteen debate exercise sessions, over thirty elective classes and a number of exciting social events. Participants have come from over 24 countries to this year's event.

The event kicked off with an exhibition debate on Saturday night on the motion, This House believes that all citizens should be entitled to a basic income without the requirement of work. The first proposition team was Anna England Kerr of Ljubljana University and Stephen Boyle of University College Dublin and the University of Vermont, the second proposition team was Jessica Bullock and John Sadek of the University of Vermont, the first opposition team was Gavin Ilsley and Rhydian Morgan of the UK's Stylus Communications, and the second opposition team was Filip Dobranic and Maja Cimerman of Ljubljana University (the reigning EUDC ESL champions).

The event is being held at the Hotel Spik, a beautiful mountain resort with breathtaking views of the Julian Alps as well as lovely work rooms, living rooms and delicious food.

The director is Bojana Skrt and the academic director is Alfred Snider. Faculty include Stephen Boyle, Gavin Ilsley, Rhydian Morgan along with Loke Wing Fatt of Singapore, Maja Nenadovic of the Netherlands, Jaime Wright of St. John's University in the USA, Zheng Boof Peking University in China, Anne Valkering of the Netherlands, TJ Senamengern of Assumption University in Thailand, Steve Llano of St. John's University in the USA. Peter Mesarec and Helena Felc of Slovenia are important parts of the program.

There is a group of some 20 trainers and teachers who are attending the additional trainers' workshop. They will learn the WUDC format, coaching and training skills, as well as judging. They will begin judging as the week goes on and will also judge at the tournament.

On Friday everyone will take buses to Ljubljana where a three day tournament will take place at the University of Ljubljana's faculty of administration. Other teams from around Europe will join those already at IDAS for a major central European tournament.

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We will have more information as the program advances.
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