Friday, August 15, 2008

Elective Choices Announced for 2008

For a number of years now at the International Debate Academy we have offered a series of "electives." We have time slots in the schedule where we offer 4-5 different topics at once and students choose the presentations they would like to go and learn from. We offer a broad swath of subjects and ask the attendees when they arrive which ones they like the best. We tally the votes and then create a schedule of electives.

Here is the preliminary list for this year.


-Counter proposals
-Religious based law- a short introduction into Sharia, Jewish and Canon law
-EU 101
-International law-brief introduction
-Right of self detremination
-Basis of criminal law- on international level
-UN 101
-NATO 101
-Rhetoric & style
-Identifying clash
-Zen debating - knifing without the knife
-Debating rights
-Advocating Marxism
-Economics, aka how to win debates on economics against economists, by an economics grad.
-Politics, aka how to win debates on political theory against politics students, by a politics postgrad.
-Philosophy, aka how to beat utilitarians in debate, by a philosophy postgrad.
-Law, aka how to beat lawyers in debates about law, by a man who hates lawyers.
-Extensions; how to speak brilliantly as the third speaker in British Parliamentary debates.
-Samurai debate
-Classical rhetorical theory
-Advanced opposition strategy
-Debating internationally as an English Foreign Language speaker
-Public, Radio, TV debates
-Preparation before the tournament, preparation at the tournament
-Motion Analysis-Tips on how to interpret debate motions and find the core issues of debate.
-BP Adjudication-An overview of how to make fair decisions in BP debates as a BP adjudicator.
-Saving a Bad Upper House Debate- What to do when your Upper House teams are not doing what they are supposed to do? Tips on how to win the debate at the Lower House when the people upstairs are under-performing.
-Strategic POIings-Tips on how to make the most of the POIs as an "offerer" or a receiver.
-Debating in Asia-An overview account of how debating is conducted in Asia.
-Extra Practice for BP Beginners (Combination of Elective 1 and 2 Sessions together) For beginners of BP debating who want an extra session of practice during the IDAS 2008.
-MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS-An explanation and evaluation of various measures by which you can show that your arguments are more important than theirs. Useful later in the debate and especially in the whip speech. In a debate where both sides are winning some issues, you need to show that yours come first.
-POINTS OF INFORMATION FOR MEANIES-Get the down and dirty about how to ask mean points and give mean answers. Learn how to take their points and make them count towards your victory. Not for the squeamish. Use some of these with care. Optional funny lines will also be provided.
-REVIEWING EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE ABOUT SPEAKING STYLE-This presentation will inspect experimental findings about which speaking styles and mannerisms are most persuasive to audiences. While the research is not based in debate, it has been replicated and confirmed to be the actual situation in real life. Learn how to avoid powerless language, learn which hand gestures to avoid, learn which posture is most persuasive and a lot more. This presentation will not cover the use of aroma.

Coach/Trainers Elective Sessions
-Debate formats
-Drills and games to teach debate
-Curriculum development
-Creating lesson plans, creating workshop
-Training program model
-Team based research strategy
-Basic coaching tips
-Team building
-Organising and running debate club
-Creating and coordinating the network of debate clubs
-Fundraising for debate
-Organising debate tournament
-Organising public debate
-Promotion of debate activities

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