Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Elective Topics Announced

PHOTO: Bojana Skrt with Korean debaters in 2005

Bojana Skrt has announced her elective topics for the upcoming IDAS 2007.

1. Roles of the speakers: What is each speaker supposed to do? What kind of skills are most required for different speeches?

2. Strategy: How do we debate when we do not have a clue about the topic? What do we do when the first government comes out with a really bad case?

3. Preparations between the tournaments, preparation in debate club, individual preparation.

4. Debating internationally as an English Foreign Language speaker.

5. Administering a university debate club: keep them coming, keep them staying, keep them motivated.

6. Fundraising for the university debate club.

7. Organising a debate tournament.

8. Organising a public debate.

9. The myth of the conventional wisdom.

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